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About Us

We are a group volunteers dedicated to providing educational opportunities for orphan children all around the world. We started our initiative in Seattle and with the help of charitable people all around the world we have grown into the world community of volunteers.

Teen study group

Our Story

After the loss of a friend of ours who lived distant from his family, his three children were left orphaned. We began a campaign to assist his family in repaying their debts and funding their children's schooling. We were inspired by the fact that we were able to raise funds for the family in such a short period of time. When we started to understand the family better, we discovered that they had other needs besides money. We joined together as volunteers to guarantee that this support is sustainable and to give assistance in other areas where the family requires it. We reasoned that if we could help one family, why not help other families and children in similar circumstances? We intended to establish an ecosystem in which orphan children could find their path to success until they hit maturity. To promote our goal, we established the platform "Alliance for Next Generation" (ANG) with the support of our volunteers.


We believe there should be no unreached orphans on our earth. 
We have made it our philosophy to "stand for the weak and orphan," delivering all of our resources wherever they are needed, regardless of faith, language, ethnicity, or race, and without marginalizing any.


Our mission is to give and match possibilities for orphaned children and their families all around the world, including educational assistance, scholarships, career counseling, life coaching, and mental support.

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